Donor-Centered Thank You Letters


Donor-Centered Thank You Letters is a collection of some of the best acknowledgement letters submitted by professional fundraisers in the US, Canada and as far away as Romania. All the letters are recently composed and several make specific reference to giving during COVID-19.

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When donors say, “The acknowledgement is recognition”, they are making a profound statement about what matters in their relationships with not-for-profits. And nothing matters more to donors than thank you letters. When crafting acknowledgement letters, your thoughtfulness and your refusal to settle for second-best pays off in donors who stay loyal to your cause longer, who make more generous contributions, and who put you on their list for exceptional support.

A highlight of this publication is the introduction by Penelope Burk that includes her twenty characteristics of great donor-centered thank you letters, from her best-selling book, Donor-Centered Fundraising. She also comments on each letter, pointing out their donor-centered advantages and making helpful suggestions that resonate with donors.