The 2021 Burk Donor Survey Report


This Report is the collective findings from 20,000 active American donors who took part in a national survey between mid-February and the end of March 2021. Among 20,000 American donors surveyed, 63% made at least one COVID-related gift in 2020; 41% supported Black Lives Matter causes and other inclusive not-for-profits; 70% of donors with DAFs awarded grants for the first time or increased their allocations to record highs. But is their philanthropic spirit now exhausted, or can donors be persuaded to give even more generously in 2021?

Here is just some of what The 2021 Burk Donor Survey covers:

  • How donors’ lives were affected by COVID-19 and what that means for fundraisers trying to build meaningful relationships.
  • A record-setting 56% of donors surveyed gave more in 2020 than in the previous year. Can that sense of urgency and commitment be sustained in 2021?
  • 47% of donors under the age of 35 said they actually could have given more last year. What do fundraisers need to know in order to steward this under-the-radar demographic into a new level of giving?
  • 38% of donors participated in at least one virtual event in 2020. How the best ones made money while making donors forget about spending even more time in front of their computer screens
  • Fundraisers may be bracing for a downturn in giving in 2021 but donors say, “No, we have more money to give to not-for-profits that give us what we need in return”.
  • …and much more

Please note this is an electronic PDF file. You will be granted access to the file in an email once purchased.



The 2021 Burk Donor Survey report contains…

  • Over 75 pages of statistical findings from Cygnus’ national survey of more than 20,000 American donors
  • 40+ graphs and charts depicting how donors gave last year and their plans for giving going forward
  • Compelling quotes and stories from donors about being philanthropic in a changing world
  • 30+ recommendations by renowned author, researcher and fundraising futurist, Penelope Burk, on how to use this research evidence when planning your fundraising strategy for 2021.

Who is The Burk Donor Survey Report written for?

  • Directors of Development and other Fundraising Leaders
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Managers of individual fundraising programs
  • Board members responsible for fundraising
  • Fundraisers in any capacity who want to maximize job performance and position themselves for career advancement