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Why Donor-Centered Fundraising?

This is THE authoritative text on why donors stop giving and what it will take to inspire them to stay loyal and make increasingly generous gifts. It is a fundraising classic and the essential reference text on raising more money in a changing giving environment.

Why this Second Edition?

Donor-Centered Fundraising, is fully updated, substantially expanded, and entirely supported by all-new research with tens of thousands of donors. Written by renowned author, researcher and fundraising expert, Penelope Burk, Donor-Centered Fundraising, features:

  • The three things donors want and why getting them will unleash their philanthropy at a much higher level
  • Why donors value great thank you letters, and how to write ones that compel them to give again (includes an entire chapter of sample acknowledgments)
  • How to craft donor communications that stand out and inspire giving in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment
  • How to help donors (and your boss) see fundraising cost as essential investment in a profitable future
  • Vivid examples of Donor-Centered Recognition that inspire repeat giving and make all donors feel like philanthropists
  • More than 80 eye-opening, humorous and often poignant stories that bring Donor-Centered Fundraising to life
  • Hundreds of enlightening quotes from donors and fundraisers

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    Amazing book!

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