What Donors Are Saying About Bequest Potential

Thursday February 25th | 1:00pm – 2:15pm EST

58% of donors with bequests don’t tell you that they have named you in their wills. So how do you steward them if you don’t know who they are? And, what is the real potential among your other supporters who could become planned gift donors if they got what they needed?

Highlights include:

  • From respondents who have already named a not-for-profit in their wills: demographic and giving profile of your donors who are most likely to include a bequest in their wills; who and what motivated bequest donors to take this step; what planned gift donors want from their Gifts Officers; donors’ assessment of the communications and recognition strategies intended to interest them in planned giving; why some donors have removed bequests from their wills…and more.
  • From respondents with no bequest but genuine interest: characteristics and giving histories of best prospects for planned gifts marketing; what it will take to turn potential into commitment among planned gifts prospects; the influence of print, electronic and video promotion on bequest decisions…and more.

In this provocative and pragmatic webinar, Penelope Burk presents findings from The Burk Donor Survey in which 7,700+ active donors offered their views on bequests and their advice to fundraisers about how to inspire them to turn their interest in planned giving into action.

Who should attend: Planned Gifts professionals and their Managers, Directors and CEOs responsible for fundraising planning, Board members, and anyone interested in donors’ views on this most lucrative of all fundraising programs.


Donor-Centered Fundraising

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