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In 2017, natural disasters, politics and confusion over changes to the tax laws drove giving higher than ever before. Still, 36% of donors said they could have given even more. Backed by evidence from more than 12,000 donors, The 2018 Burk Donor Survey Report offers fundraisers and not-for-profit leaders a practical guide to raising even more money in 2018.


The Burk Donor Survey Report: Where Donors Are Taking Their Philanthropy in 2018

  • Authored by renowned researcher and fundraising expert, Penelope Burk
  • 120 questions; 12,000+ donors responded
  • 90+ pages
  • 50+ graphs and charts
  • 40+ recommendations for raising more money in a changing giving environment
  • 200+ compelling, poignant quotes from donors about what inspires them to give and what they want from not-for-profits they admire


The 2018 Burk Donor Survey Report covers these important topics:

Giving in 2017

  • Why 53% of donors gave more last year, making 2017 the best year ever for fundraising.
  • What’s driving the increased interest in philanthropy among young donors that caused an astounding 73% to give more in 2017?

2018 Year-End Giving

  • Why so many donors are stuck at gift levels well below capacity.
  • FOUR things donors say fundraisers should do to inspire them to give more generously.
  • SIX bold steps that leaders can take that will maximize year-end giving.

The Impact of Disasters on Donors Giving Decisions

  • What disaster relief agencies should do NOW with donors who gave in 2017 to increase the likelihood they will stay loyal?
  • Is there a case for disaster preparation?
  • The good news for everyone else: why disaster relief donors still reserve their most generous giving for other causes, and what you should do to get and stay on their list.

Planned Giving

  • Who or what are the most trusted sources for information when donors are considering a bequest?
  • How donors rated marketing images designed to encourage them to include a gift in their will.
  • The importance of Gifts Officers in sustaining planned gift commitments.
  • Why donors have removed not-for-profits from their wills and how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
  • Planned Gifts Officers under 30? What donors think.


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