The 10th Annual Burk Donor Survey Report


Fundraising hit an all-time high in 2017, but since then, donor acquisition and renewal rates have fallen back to previous levels. But you don’t have to ride that roller coaster anymore. As you plan your fundraising strategy for 2020, take the advice of 12,000 donors who told Penelope Burk what fundraisers can do to get on and stay on donors’ “most favored” list.

Here are just a few of the Burk Donor Survey’s important and sometimes surprising findings:

  • 2 out of 3 donors expect to give the same as or less than they gave last year. BUT, 72% would actually give more if fundraisers made adjustments that captured their attention. This report features the most important things fundraisers can do to inspire more donors to unleash their giving at a higher level.
  • 21% of donors did not respond to any fundraising appeals last year, choosing instead to make all their gifts unsolicited. While solicitations are not making them take action, they are doing their research and are paying close attention to not-for-profit communications. Find out how to inspire loyal and generous giving from these highly independent, but very generous, donors.
  • Young donors are taking their place on the frontlines of philanthropy. 49% of Burk Survey donors under the age of 35 intend to give more this year. How can you capture the attention of this highly motivated group who communicate differently and make giving decisions with lightning speed?
  • The trend to supporting fewer causes with larger gifts continues for middle-aged donors. As donor acquisition becomes more challenging, how can you still reach ambitious fundraising goals?

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The 10th Annual Burk Donor Survey Report contains…

  • 114 pages
  • 70 graphs and charts depicting how donors gave last year and their plans for giving going forward
  • 200 compelling quotes and stories from donors about being philanthropic in a changing world
  • 40+ recommendations by renowned author, researcher and fundraising futurist on how to use this research evidence when planning your fundraising strategy for 2020.

Who is The Burk Donor Survey Report written for?

  • Directors of Development and other Fundraising Leaders
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Managers of individual fundraising programs
  • Board members responsible for fundraising
  • Fundraisers in any capacity who want to maximize job performance and position themselves for career advancement


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