Becoming Donor-Centered Webinar Series


OCT 8 | OCT 15 | OCT 22 | OCT 29 | NOV 5 | NOV 12

1:00pm – 2:15pm EDT / EST

Fundraising rises and falls along with the economy and a large-scale emergency can send your Development operation into freefall. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Donor-Centered Fundraising realigns programs and tactics to suit today’s donors who are less compliant, more questioning and more decisive about managing their philanthropy. Yes, when modern-day donors don’t get what they need they abandon not-for-profits more quickly; but they remain unfailingly loyal and give more generously to causes that are “donor-centered”.

Becoming Donor-Centered is an interactive webinar series developed and led by renowned author, researcher and fundraising expert, Penelope Burk.  The course is designed especially for CEOs and Fundraising Directors and Managers. Crafted in six interactive segments, Becoming Donor-Centered gives delegates the tools they need to transition to a more profitable and rewarding fundraising future.

Who Should Attend Becoming Donor-Centered

  • Chief Executive Officers who manage one or more Professional Fundraisers
  • Directors of Fundraising or Development Departments
  • Managers of Fundraising Programs who supervise staff


Becoming Donor-Centered Course Content

Webinar #1: Who Is Giving, How They’re Giving, and What that Means for Fundraising Today

  • Six critical measures that explain why and how donors are giving differently
  • A bird in the hand: why improving donor retention is a fundraiser’s most important goal
  • Why donors are giving to fewer causes today and how that impacts new donor acquisition
  • “Donor-Centered Fundraising”: the 3 things donors need to stay loyal, make larger gifts, and shift from modest to generous giving sooner
  • Vivid opportunities for raising more money in a Donor-Centered environment

 Webinar #2: Your Donor-Centered Plan for Sustainable Fundraising Growth

  • You aren’t like anyone else: your not-for-profit’s unique performance benchmarks are right there in your database just waiting to be discovered
  • How to design a fundraising plan that raises more money with fewer donors
  • Designing a Fundraising Plan built on Donors and Gifts, not just on fundraising programs

 Webinar #3: How Donor-Centered Adjustments Make Fundraising Programs More Profitable

  • What inspires donors to choose your not-for-profit in a highly competitive fundraising environment?
  • Improving donor retention in direct marketing programs
  • How Donor-Centered Sustainer (Monthly) Giving programs can ready more donors sooner for major and planned gifts
  • How to raise more money in a Donor-Centered Giving Tuesday or year-end fundraising appeal
  • How to market planned giving to donors – according to donors themselves

 Webinar #4: How to Find and Hold onto Stellar Fundraisers

  • How to attract top fundraising talent in a highly competitive environment, even when you can’t pay top dollar
  • The prospect pool is bigger than you think: where to find great fundraisers hidden in other industries
  • Interview questions that simultaneously showcase high performers while weeding out unsuitable candidates
  • How to reconfigure job descriptions to meet Donor-Centered Fundraising goals while enhancing job satisfaction
  • Why good fundraisers leave and how to keep your best ones longer

 Webinar #5: Managing for Higher, Sustainable Profit in Good Times and Bad

  • How to increase productivity in a forty-hour work week
  • How to manage young fundraisers where the rate of turnover is highest
  • How to be a great fundraising CEO whether or not you have direct experience in raising money
  • How to sustain fundraising in an economic crisis, even one as challenging as a pandemic
  • Where to focus management time for optimum results

Webinar #6: How to Help Your Board Become Fundraising Superstars

  • Why Leadership Volunteers have no idea how influential they are with donors
  • The nine things Board members do best
  • How Board members can hold onto donors and secure larger gift just by saying “thank you”
  • How CEOs and Development Directors can help Board members become confident fundraisers


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