Penelope’s Audiences

Penelope Burk’s keynote speeches and training sessions are legendary in the fundraising industry. She is that rare professional who brings compelling, evidence-based information to delegates while delivering it with clarity and humor.

No one knows donors and what they want better than Penelope. She has an uncanny ability to captivate a diverse audience from senior practitioners with 30+ years of experience to young professionals in their first front-line jobs. Her vast repository of research themes and studies mean that every delegate – whether professional or volunteer, whether working in fundraising, marketing or management – feels that Penelope is speaking directly to him or her. And, her delivery style is both engaging and unique. At the end of a Penelope Burk session, no one feels that they have been talked down to or been part of a session that was over their heads. Everyone agrees that they have just experienced one of the best educational sessions of their professional careers.

While Penelope headlines conferences with thousands of delegates, she is just as eager to bring her compelling evidence and decades of experience to a single staff team or Board of Directors. Her insight, her passion for donors, and her dedication to helping people become more successful is evident in every Penelope Burk session.


Donor-Centered Fundraising

 Fully updated, substantially expanded, and backed by all-new research with tens of thousands of donors. Donor-Centered Fundraising is the proven strategy for holding onto your donors and raising much more money in a changing giving environment.

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