Benchmarking & Revenue Forcasting

Cygnus’ senior consultants work with your board, staff leaders, program managers, frontline Development officers or your entire organization to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to implement Donor-Centered Fundraising approaches.

Cygnus has developed a unique benchmarking process that distils your donors’ philanthropic activity and your organization’s fundraising performance into easy-to-understand statistical profiles. Our analysis builds on key markers like lifetime giving progression and donor conversion from low-value to high-value fundraising programs. These benchmarked profiles highlight key trends, risks and opportunities.

There is a better way to forecast fundraising potential than the all-too-common approach of adding a percentage increase to last year’s results. Cygnus builds revenue forecasts based on what your donors say they would be willing to do in response to specific strategies and in the context of what they are already giving to other not-for-profits. Cygnus’ forecasts assess and accommodate trends across multiple fundraising programs and anticipate changes in donor behavior based on past performance and specific tactics. Our analysis identifies and targets key segments within your overall donor population so that you can deliver your programs and messages directly to those donors who will be influenced most


Donor-Centered Fundraising

 Fully updated, substantially expanded, and backed by all-new research with tens of thousands of donors. Donor-Centered Fundraising is the proven strategy for holding onto your donors and raising much more money in a changing giving environment.

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