Cygnus Applied Research, Inc.

Helping not-for-profits make more money in a changing giving environment

Board members are quite skeptical when I tell them that being Donor-
Centered means doing less, spending less and raising a lot more money. They
are convinced that they need more events, more newsletters, more programs,
more grants, more chasing money, more, more, more. I have to cajole them
into picking up the phone or spending a few minutes with a donor at an event.
When we look back a year later, though, Board members are astounded; three
years later they are believers; five years later they think I am a genius.

Under the leadership of renowned author, speaker and fundraising expert, Penelope Burk, Cygnus conducts national and international research studies on how donors are managing their philanthropy in a changing world. The company’s research findings and recommendations help fundraisers and not-for-profits raise more money as national and global circumstances shift.

 Cygnus publishes books, research studies and opinion pieces featuring evidence-based strategies that boost profit while streamlining fundraising. The company is especially well known for its trademarked fundraising philosophy, Donor-Centered Fundraising, which clarifies in specific and measurable terms, what would sustain donors’ loyalty and inspire them to give more generously.

 Cygnus’ research is especially valuable to the third sector because it alerts fundraisers and not-for-profit leaders to new donor sensibilities and shifting trends. Fully supported by evidence, the advice and recommendations in Cygnus’ publications help Development Directors, CEOs and Boards prepare for a different giving environment led by generous but also increasingly independent and strategic donors.


Donor-Centered Fundraising
Backed by dozens of studies with tens of thousands of donors, Donor-Centered Fundraising is the authoritative text on why donors stop giving and what it takes to keep them loyal and giving more generously in a changing giving environment. The book clarifies what donors want, but seldom get, and how a donor-centered approach to acknowledgement, communication and recognition raises much more money. Donor-Centered Fundraising is full of vivid samples and eye-opening anecdotes, plus it’s a delightful and compelling read.

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