Cygnus Applied Research Inc.

is transforming how money is raised

I don’t give for the tax break.  I don’t give because I get lots of emails asking me to.  I give because I’m passionate about the causes I’m helping.  That’s it.  plain and simple.

Led by renowned author, speaker and fundraising futurist, Penelope Burk, Cygnus conducts research that translates the changing needs and sensibilities of donors into practical strategies that raise more money.

Cygnus is especially well known for its central fundraising philosophy, Donor-Centered Fundraising, which clarifies, in specific and measurable terms, what donors want, what would inspire their sustained loyalty, and what would compel them to increase the value of their contributions sooner.

Through our ongoing research with tens of thousands of donors every year, Cygnusserves the not-for-profit sector in these ways:

  • We alert fundraisers and not-for-profit leaders to changing trends in giving, offering solutions fully supported by research evidence from donors;
  • We publish books, research studies and opinion pieces featuring evidence-based strategies that boost profit while streamlining fundraising;
  • We prepare Development Directors, CEOs and Boards for a new giving environment and donors’ heightened expectations through Donor-Centered Leadership;
  • We teach fundraisers, not-for-profit leaders and clients to interact more effectively with their donors so they can raise more money.


Donor-Centered Fundraising

 Fully updated, substantially expanded, and backed by all-new research with tens of thousands of donors. Donor-Centered Fundraising is the proven strategy for holding onto your donors and raising much more money in a changing giving environment.

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