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Donor-Centered Fundraising

Penelope Burk’s quintessential philosophy for fundraising in changing times.
Join Penelope live as she explains how donors want to be acknowledged, informed and recognized for the gifts they make, and how a Donor-Centered approach to fundraising advocated by donors themselves will unleash their philanthropy at a whole new level.

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What Is Donor-Centered Fundraising?

Donor-Centered Fundraising® is a customer service-oriented approach that raises more money by focusing on what donors themselves say will earn their loyalty and win increasingly generous gifts. Donor-Centered Fundraising is defined by over a decade of research and testing with more than 250,000 donors and hundreds of not-for-profit organizations.


About This Webinar Series

Donor-Centered Fundraising is a practical, forward-thinking and interactive webinar series led by renowned author and futurist, Penelope Burk. In a her trademark compelling and entertaining manner, Penelope answers the age-old question, What Do Donors Want?, then clearly articulates a strategy that satisfies donors’ needs while increasing fundraising profit.

According to donors, everything that happens between making a gift and being asked for the next one contributes to their decision to give again…or give more…or just walk away. Since over 90% of donors stop giving and two out of three give only once before disappearing, bringing donor attrition under control means zeroing in on what fundraisers should do when they are not asking for money.


Why Donor-Centered Fundraising Is Essential for the Times

Today’s fundraising practices and beliefs were developed at a time when competition was less severe, donors were less demanding, and fundraisers could rely on an unlimited supply of supporters. But now wealth is shifting to a new kind of donor who is more independent, more questioning, and much harder to reach. If that isn’t challenging enough, competition is growing while donors themselves are trending towards supporting fewer causes. But there is good news. Not-for-profits can raise more money in this new environment by adopting a Donor-Centered approach to fundraising and donor relations.


Who Should Experience the Donor-Centered Fundraising Webinar Series

  • Professional Fundraisers working on the front lines in direct marketing, major gifts, donor relations/stewardship, writing/communications
  • Decision-Makers responsible for budget allocation who want to know where precious resources will have the greatest impact on the bottom line
  • Development Directors and Fundraising Program Managers seeking to improve staff productivity by focusing on donor-centered strategies that raise more money
  • Board Members and Other Leadership Volunteers who are looking for meaningful ways to contribute to fundraising success through donor communication
  • Marketing and Communications Personnel seeking to add value to their not-for-profits by communicating more effectively with donors


All three sessions are included in the price below.
$325 USD/per person


Site License
Cost: $1950 USD/per site


Purchase the site license to this series and include up to 30 people per site.  


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Upon registration every delegate will receive a $15 discount on the purchase of Penelope Burk’s best-selling book, Donor-Centered Fundraising.
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The rebroadcast, projection or resale of this webinar series, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Any organization found rebroadcasting or reselling the webinar will have their access terminated and their money will not be refunded.

“The best hour you’ll ever spend at your desk!”

“Talk about ‘kicking it up a notch.’ Donor-Centered Fundraising takes the basics of fundraising to a new level and provides valuable insight from the people who really matter – the donors.”


In this groundbreaking and thought provoking book, author Penelope Burk presents the American fundraising industry with its first and only statistically-based assessment of the present state of fundraising and the future potential of a donor-centered approach to raising money.

BUY: $65.00

Also Available:


In Donor-Centered Leadership Penelope Burk tackles one of our most frustrating and costly problems – the high turnover rate of staff and the financial toll it takes on not-for-profits. In plain language, backed by compelling research with over 12,000 fundraisers, Board members, CEOs, and donors, Penelope reveals how not-for-profits can raise much more money by bringing staff attrition under control.

BUY: $75.00

Also Available:

Burk Donor Survey 2016

Where donors are taking their philanthropy in 2016.


BUY: $89.00