Penelope Burk | JUST RELEASED – The 2017 Burk Donor Survey
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JUST RELEASED – The 2017 Burk Donor Survey

Report Price: $129

Digital File Only


  • 100+ pages
  • 60 graphs and charts
  • 27 practical recommendations on how this research can help you raise more money
  • compelling narrative by author, researcher and fundraising expert, Penelope Burk
  • evidence-based information that helps decision-makers make the best use of talent and resources
  • PLUS the profile of donors most likely to give more in 2017 – important information for year-end fundraising

Back issues of The Burk Donor Survey are available for a modest price. Please contact us at 800-263-0267 for further information.

The Burk Donor Survey Report

…where philanthropy is headed in 2017

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38% of America’s donors held their philanthropy back last year. And, an astounding 52% of young donors said they could have given more. So, in a rapidly changing world where donors are more independent, harder to reach and making decisions very fast, how can fundraisers unleash this untapped goldmine?
Some valuable findings from The Burk Donor Survey Report

  • donors are ready to give more this year and how fundraisers can get it
  • how politics is driving giving in 2017…and what that means for not-for-profits, whether or not they are under threat of losing their funding
  • the astounding growth in Sustaining Gifts and the bonus that Monthly Donors offer to Major and Planned Gifts Officers
  • how fundraisers can still build relationships with donors who have shifted their giving to Donor-Advised Funds
  • what inspires donors who are giving the same year-on-year to start moving their gift values up
  • the two things about fundraising that drive donors crazy and leave so much money on the table

Who will benefit from The Burk Donor Survey Report

  • leaders who make fundraising plans and decisions based on evidence
  • front-line fundraisers wanting to improve donor retention and gift value
  • Gifts Officers and stewardship pros trying to build more meaningful relationships with their donors
  • CEOs, Boards and Directors interested in knowing how philanthropy is changing and what donors expect from not-for-profits