Penelope Burk | JUST RELEASED – The 2017 Burk Donor Survey – CA
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JUST RELEASED – The 2017 Burk Donor Survey – CA

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Price: CA$129

  • 100+ Pages
  • 70 graphs and charts
  • 40+ practical recommendations
  • 100+ thought-provoking quotes from donors
  • compelling narrative by author and fundraising expert, Penelope Burk
  • evidence-based information to help decision-makers make the best use of talent and resources

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The Burk Donor Survey Report

…where philanthropy is headed in 2017 (Canadian Edition)

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The 2017 Burk Donor Survey is the seventh annual research project studying Canadians’ philanthropy and, specifically, how fundraising practices and beliefs affect the financial wellbeing of not-for-profit organizations. The study is designed by author, researcher and fundraising expert, Penelope Burk, and published by her Chicago-based company, Cygnus Applied Research, Inc. The Burk Donor Survey charts changes in giving year-to-year as well as how donors intend to give in the coming twelve-month period. Most important, each edition of the Survey features an investigation of donors’ opinions about certain fundraising themes and issues that impact philanthropy so that Development professionals and not-for-profit leaders can adjust their practices to meet donors’ changing needs and preferences.

Some highlights of the 2017 Burk Donor Survey:

  • The top three ways to inspire donors to give more generously this year;
  • How to satisfy the majority of donors who research charitable organizations before making giving decisions;
  • Why middle-age donors support far fewer causes than do older donors and how this impacts your fundraising strategy;
  • What inspires some donors to manage their giving through Donor-Advised Funds and how fundraisers can still build solid relationships with these critical supporters;
  • Why more respondents embrace Monthly Giving Programs and how fundraisers can influence more donors to jump on board;
  • How donors are planning to give amidst a changing political and global environment;
  • The hidden potential among young donors and how to position your organization for success with the next generation of philanthropists