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The Fundraising Media regularly reports on Cygnus’ research findings and Penelope Burk’s philosophy. Here is a selection of recently published articles, along with a few written by Penelope herself.What Really Motivates Donors to Give Monthly?
by Erica Waasdorp, NonProfit PRO – September 18, 2017


Can Penelope Burk Predict The Future?
by Greg Warner, MarketSmart – September 11, 2017


Improved Finances and Trump Spur Donors to Give More, Survey Finds
by Timothy Sandoval, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – September 7, 2017


Nearly a Third of  Donors Say They’ll Give More in 2017, Survey Says
by Timothy Sandoval, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – June 23, 2017


If Women Rule The Fundraising Game, Why Don’t They Hold More Top Positions?
by Roxanne Scott, 89.3 WFPL – January 31, 2017


The #1 Question You Should Ask New Donors
by Steven Shattuck, Business to Community – November 24, 2016


Religious Conviction and Generosity
by Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register – November 3, 2016


The Gratitude Effect
by Trisha Elliot, UC Observer – October 2016


4 Things You Can Do Now To Foster Young Alumni Giving Later
by Rebecca Koenig, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – September 22, 2016


Heads Up, People: Average Donors Are Doing More Research – Starting With Your Website
by Philip Rojc, Inside Philanthropy – September 7, 2016


Why Don’t More College Alumni Give To Their Alma Maters?
by Karen Farkas, – September 1, 2016


Here’s Why Alumni Aren’t Donating To Colleges
by Jason Russel, Washington Examiner – August 31, 2016


1 in 3 Rich Donors Held Their Philanthropy Back
by Eden Stiffman, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – August 30, 2016


Charities Lost 103 Donors for Every 100 They Gained in 2014, Says Study
by Rebecca Koenig, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – October 2, 2015


Fundraiser Fail: What to do when your new fundraiser isn’t living up to expectations
by Susan Fish, Charity Village – October 28, 2015


Office Space: Want to Retain Your Fundraisers? Give Them Unlimited Time Off.
More flexibility can boost productivity and loyalty
by Penelope Burk, Currents Magazine – September 2014


Charity begins far from home: Why Americans are more generous than Australians
by John Kehoe, Financial Review – May 15, 2015


Secure Your Charity’s Future: Woo Young Donors Now
by Janet Gadeski, Hilborn: Charity eNews – August 25, 2014


4 Signs Your nonprofit Is On The Right Track
by Wayne Robbins, Business to Community – August 13, 2014


Nonprofit guru to come to Birmingham
by Jason Frost, Birmingham Business Journal – June 11, 2014


Like Fundraising Results, Staff Retention Depends on Board Involvement
by Penelope Burk, Mackenzie Strategic Philanthropy – December 2013


Board Members and the Art of Saying Thanks
By Jay Blossom, InTrust – Summer 2013


The Stubborn 2% Giving Rate
By Suzanne Perry, The Chronicle Board Report–June 17, 2013


Penelope Burk on the Three Reasons Fundraising Professionals Leave. What it Costs & What to do About it.
By Sumac – June 2013


How To Hold Onto Your High Performers
By Penelope Burk, AFP e-wire – May 2013


Donor-Centered Leadership
By Ken Burnett, SOFII – May 2013


A Clarion Call to Shake Up Development Offices and Curb Turnover
By Holly Hall, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – April 11, 2013


Who is Your Lifetime Donor? Why do They Stay?
By Amy Quinn, Avectra – February 21, 2013


Thousands of Canadian donors share actions, opinions
By Janet Gadeski, Canadian fundraising and Philanthropy – July 15, 2012


A Holistic Approach
By Paul Lagasse, Advancing Philanthropy– July/August 2012


Donors Say They Would Give More If They Saw More Results
By Raymund Flandez, The Chronicle of Philanthropy– June 21, 2012


OK, “Thank you”
By T Belford, The Agitator – April 24, 2012


Don’t Expect Too Much from monthly Donors
By Raymund Flandez, The Chronicle of Philanthropy– April 3, 2012


The Cost of High Turnover in Fundraising Jobs
By Raymund Flandez, The Chronicle of Philanthropy– April 2, 2012


Managing Young Fundraisers
By Penelope Burk, AFP e-wire – March 23, 2012


What Donors Want – but Often Don’t Get
By Holly Hall, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – March 1, 2012


Are members of organized religions inherently more generous?
By Ken MacQueen, Macleans Magazine – December 20, 2011


Who will replace the faith-based donors
By Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail – December 01, 2011


Donor Messaging: Balancing Heart and Mind
By Elisa Birnbaum, Charity Village – November 28, 2011


Fundraising through Facebook? Please like
By Susan Krahinsky, The Globe and Mail – November 2, 2011


Enhance Feedback, Donor Loyalty by Assigning Small Gifts
By Mark Sheffer, Successful Fund Raising, October 2011
Printed Publication –


Five Questions with Penelope Burk
By Rob Zinkan, University Advancement – September 5, 2011


Encourage Restricted Gifts to Supercharge your Fundraising
By Mark Sheffer, The Major Gifts Report, September 2011
Printed Publication –


By Elizabeth Foy Larsen, IQ Magazine, September 2011


Donors Set to Give More to Charity in 2011
By Joanne Fritz, – May 16, 2011


The Cygnus Donor Survey – philanthropy in 2011
By Janet Gadeski, Canadian Fundraising and Philanthropy – May 15, 2011


Fundraisers ‘leaving money on the table’
By PJ staff, Philanthropy Journal – May 11, 2011


More People Donating Online, Say Fundraising Costs a Key Concern
By John Skendall, AFP e-wire – May 10, 2011


Board Fundraising Optional?
By Jessica Sidman, Bisnow – May 9, 2011


Survey Informs Fundraisers on Donor Trends, Motivations and Where Philanthropy Is Headed
By Joe Boland, Fundraising Success Magazine – May 6, 2011


Most Donors Intend to Give More in 2011, New Study Finds
By Holly Hall, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – May 1, 2011


Charities Give Boards Little Training in Fund Raising, Study Finds
By Holly Hall, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – May 1, 2011


The Art of the Thank You
By Jessica Sidman, Bisnow – November 9, 2010


The Religion Effect
By Jessica Sidman, Bisnow – October 18, 2010


Research shows new dos and don’ts of fundraising: What will inspire Canadian donors to give more in 2010 and what’s making them leave
By Sumac, Charity Village – September 26, 2010


More Canadians Than Americans Make Donations Online
By Holly Hall, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – September 20, 2010


In Canada, Online Giving Reigns
By John Skendall, AFP e-wire – September 14, 2010


The New Proactive Donor
By John Skendall, AFP e-wire – August 10, 2010


Tackling the Problem of Asking Too Often
By John Skendall, AFP e-wire – July 13, 2010


How Charities Can Curb Turnover Among Fund Raisers
By Holly Hall, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – April 13, 2010


Study: Religious donors don’t plan to cut back
By By Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service – April 17, 2009


Donors: Prepare for the hard sell
By Miriam Kreinin Souccar – March 22, 2009


Only One in Two Donors Confident about Contributing to Not-for-Profit Causes This Year; Many…
Publication: Business Wire – March 18, 2009


The Laid-Off Can Do Well Doing Good
By Dana Mattioli – March 17, 2009


52% of Donors Plan No Decrease in Giving in 2009
By Caroline Preston – March 13, 2009


New Blog: Reassure — Don’t Alarm — Donors About the Economy
By Holly Hall – December 4, 2008